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When you get tattooed you pay a price physically and financially. The most important part of preserving your ink is to heal it properly. There are many methods to accomplish this as Google will attest too, but there is one that rises above the rest.

Hardcore Tattoo Salve immediately goes to work to stop the burn and itch associated with a fresh tattoo. It eliminates the redness and advances the healing process of your tattoo. It is easily applied from the tube it comes in eliminating the need to apply it with your hands which keeps not only your hands clean, but more importantly the tattoo itself.

The Hardcore Tattoo Salve is also multi-purposed as it can also make a difference in relief from the effects of eczema and diaper rash.  Hardcore Tattoo Salve eliminates the need to experiment and hope for the best because it does the job. It’s time to get Hardcore!


Ingredients: Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil infused Calendula  Oil, Vitamin E, Natural Beeswax

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