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Women are quite aware of the benefits of a hot oil treatment for their hair. Why not bring those benefits to your beard? Our hot oil treatment is a weekly therapy session, that only takes 10 minutes out of your day. Using the most organic ingredients in our recipe ensures that your beard will be taken to heights never imaginable in softness and conditioning.

Our recipe is designed to replenish the health of your beard, by conditioning, stimulating healthy hair growth, stripping it of grime, and relaxing those pesky fly-aways which help your beard lay nicely.

You would be doing your beard and skin a disservice by overlooking these benefits. You want the beard of your dreams, we have the product to make that dream come true.

**With this purchase, you will receive 4 vials of our hot oil treatment which equates to a months worth of weekly treatments.

Hot Shots Instructions:

1. Using a microwave, heat water in a microwavable bowl for 3 minutes.  DO NOT place the vial in microwave

2. Place 1 vial in the bowl of hot water and let sit for 2 minutes

3. Using CAUTION not to burn oneself, remove the vial and shake vigorously

4. Empty contents of the vial in hand and apply to beard and skin

5. Use a comb to ensure complete coverage

6. Lock in the heat by placing a steamed Gnarly Hot Shots Towel around beard and neck

7. Take a pic and post it to social media while letting the hot oil work its magic

8. Once cooled, wash beard and face in normal fashion

9. Pat beard dry

10. Apply desired Gnarly Beard product 

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