Cold Advisory


Since there are some locations throughout the US and abroad that may experience extreme cold weather conditions, the contents of our packages tend to freeze.  If you receive a package that has frozen beard oil or butter, please do not become alarmed, we can help.


For Beard Oil, Sudz, Shave Oil, & Hair Oil

Prior to opening your beard oil, shake the bottle vigorously to help mix the oils that have yet to freeze and break down any ice particles.  Next, let the bottle thaw at room temperature until all particles return to their liquid state.  Shake bottle vigorously one last time to ensure the contents are fully mixed. It is at this time, you may open your oil and enjoy what Gnarly has brought to you. 

For Better Butter

Let tub sit in room temperature over night to ensure the butter softens right back to what Gnarly had so masterfully created.  Open Tub and test consistency. If not light and fluffy, let the tub sit longer until the butter returns to it intended consistency. 


If you have any further questions about the handling of any frozen products,  please feel free to contact us through email or social media.